A.L.I.S.S. Italia


The association Wwork Hygiene Health and Safety encharged Jusan Network for the restyling of its web site

A.L.I.S.S. (Association Work Hygiene Health and Safety) has decided to renew its online image with a new web site. The task was entrusted to the Jusan Network that has collected with enthusiasm the challenge set by the association.

The Association A.L.I.S.S.

Before I get into the details of the new web site, it is important to explain what A. L. I. S. S. is and what its tasks are. The site reports that “the Association is non-partisan, denominational, disclaims the racial discrimination or social, is a non-profit organization and has unlimited duration except dissolution approved by the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting“.  A declaration of intent, which underlines the fact that the association seeks the inclusion overcoming boundaries and cultural barriers that characterize our society.

Specifically, the association offers its members a full range of services and benefits:

  • The use of the method “Prevention Proto”.  An innovative methodology that aims to raise awareness among the actors belonging to the context of the enterprise on the themes of “risk” and “prevention” at work.
  • Receive informative material in the field of health and safety in the workplace
  • Use the information service exclusive for members A. L. I. S.S. “Listen&responding”
  • Use the door core information in Arabic and Chinese face for foreign citizens
  • Use the tools and methods of operation for the adaptation to the legislation antifortunistica basic
  • Registration to the portal where you can find resources and documents divided by sector
  • Attend free seminars and technical meetings A. L. I. S.S.

The new site alissitalia.org

As we can see from the comparison between the old and the new site of A. L. I. S. S. there are so many innovations:

A new graphics

The first difference that immediately jumps to the eye is certainly the visual appearance of the site. The old layout, which is characterized by heaviness and an excessive use of content and was substituted by a much lighter and minimalist graphics, specially designed to improve the usability of the site, and to bring out the missionof the association: “By your side whatever your work is“.

A more emotional communication

With the new website, the association has also changed her communicative strategy. To a flat communication and aseptic mainly carried out through the written text was preferred a more emotional communication and based on the images. Banners placed in home page play this feature: to communicate the messages of the association so emotional and through the use of images.

A new organization of the content

In addition to the graphic aspects of the site has been brought forward a job of rationalization and organization of content present in the old site. THE foresting of the site has been made more simple understanding with the possibility to easily navigate between different sections of the site. In addition, regardless of the section in which you are located and you can view and access to the latest news of the association and find links to some useful sites.

Optimized for all devices

The improvements as soon as submitted, together with the creation of a single responsive site, allow you to navigate the web site from any device and mobile desktop. One aspect, that of the cross-they establish a relationship which absorbes media features, more and more significant in view of the great diffusion of mobile devices within our society.

Below you can watch the two versions of the site and the improvements introduced in the intervention.