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Antos was born on the hills of Monferrato, a few steps from the Po Valley, in the territory of wine and truffles. Antos is one of the best cosmetic lines of the last twenty years, born from the passion for beekeeping and the earth. Its cosmetic products are made exclusively in the laboratory and are all made with extracts of herbs and other products of nature such as rice, honey, grapes, etc. For Antos, Jusan Network realizes the site, online ecommerce and a social media marketing campaign aimed at making the product known and creating a loyal user network. Each website must reflect the passions and dreams of the company and must best express its Brand Identity, its universes of shared values, so that users can recognize and become loyal customers. That’s why for Antos we thought of a website that was able to tell the great passion for beekeeping and the land of its owners, who are born as beekeepers and only later create a laboratory of cosmetic products. In addition, the design and contents are optimized to improve the customer experience of the customer, which is gently accompanied in full-bodied e-commerce, in which all the products of the brand are displayed. E-commerce is intuitive and easy to navigate: in shape and color it recalls the nature and the land, the passions and dreams of the owners of Antos. Every company to make its products known to a wider public, needs to implement an intense activity of social media marketing, aimed at creating flows of visits and conversions. The favorite social for Antos is Instagram, to which we have given a showcase space also on the home page of the site. Through postproduced photos, the company tells its story and the history of its products.