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Backed by our experience in the world of online sales, we have renewed the ecommerce platform of B3 Bartolomeo, with the aim of promoting its products according to the lines and needs of an increasingly competitive and digitalized market.

We have worked on the renewal of the site, following the guidelines and ambitions of B3 Bartolomeo, leaving us literally involved in the enthusiasm shown by the company towards the possibility of expanding its business through the Web and to all the extraordinary resources that the network can guarantee.


The website and Prestashop ecommerce platform

For the ecommerce site, we used the latest version of PrestaShop: to date, the site can count on a catalog of about 10 thousand products. With B3eShop we wanted to proceed by committing ourselves to the creation of a much more structured site, which would not appear as a simple list of products, but as a real object of communication aimed at selling and customized depending on the type of user involved in the purchasing processes . We designed the site to be unique from the beginning. The clean and streamlined graphics, ideal for making you mix heterogeneous contents, let your eyes run on the screen with an exemplary naturalness. At the top of the screen was the navigation bar, complete with all the products made by Bartolomeo and divided into categories. Each product, once you select the category of reference, can count on an image in the foreground that immediately puts it in relief, which is flanked by the relative card aimed at describing its various and particular characteristics. Such a modernized platform will allow B3eShop to benefit from all the advantages that online sales can offer, thus consolidating its presence in Italy and expanding its market horizons far beyond the international borders.