Bartolomeo Italian Design

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Bartolomeo Italian Design chooses the Jusan Network for the realization of its e-commerce. Through a study on User Experience and color nuances, Jusan chooses red as the dominant color, recalling the logo and thus making the Brand Identity of the brand recognizable. The e-commerce site was built in such a way that it offered a showcase for the wonderful creations of the company. For this, it was accompanied by incredible photos where the products on sale have been cleverly inserted into evocative scenarios. Luxurious hotel rooms, breathtaking scenery, in fact, highlight the quality of objects, 100% made in Italy: luxury furnishings and accessories for home, office, kitchen and outdoor. The menu has been designed to simplify users’ browsing and make the User Experience better. A categorization capable of telling all the elegance and sophistication of the Brand.


Bartolomeo Italian Design: web marketing

Jusan Network knows that to improve conversions, e-commerce alone is not enough. To optimize sales, we need to build an excellent network of connections between multiple platforms, trying to use all the tools that the internet makes available. From the Facebook page always updated on the latest news from the company to the newsletter that tells about the products and the company reality. Not to mention the corporate blog that collects advice and testimonies related to the world of design and their products 100% made in Italy.

Bartolomeo Italian Design: The sales point

The multi-channel nature of Bartolomeo Italian Design goes further, because it moves on "terra firma". Where the company opens a physical store, whose space has been designed to best show the excellence of minimal and refined Italian design. Today, in order to be competitive and stand out in the competitor's sea, one must be able to exploit all the possibilities offered by the market. A good cooperation between online and retail is definitely the winning move, which will allow Bartolomeo Italian Design to increase the number of users who surf the site and decide to buy their products.