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The online shop of Jelmini was born in Borgaro and was conceived as a natural extension of a small shop of products signed with a famous fashion brand. Since 1961, the shop owners dress their customers with the clothing of the famous Italian fashion house, becoming a reference point for those who love to dress well in the whole area of Turin.

Made in Italy is the third most famous brand in the world, especially in the fashion and clothing sectors.

The experience that we at Jusan Network have done with Jelmini has shown that even small companies can compete with the most important players on the market in online sales of products.

At Jusan we have created the ecommerce site for the Jelmini portal, starting from these considerations.

The result is site with a layout that makes the online shop of the Brand very similar to a high fashion boutique. In fact, within the ecommerce, the collections of the famous brand are within their context of use.

A model wears all the garments for sale, providing users with more information about the fit of a garment.

To give more emphasis to the products on sale, it was decided not to make the layout of the site too heavy from the graphic point of view with the inclusion of elements that could distract the user. For this purpose we chose to use white as the dominant color of the site emphasizing through the use of colors the most important information such as the name and price of the products on sale.