il nuovo sito di bit sistemi

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Bitsistemi, company specialized in the provision of ICT services for the automation of notarial and public administration renewed its website to give greater visibility to its offer.

The web runs and is in constant evolution. For this reason, it is important for businesses to adapt to changes that the evolution of the network requires them. Because having an old site does not take to his own image to your target audience.

To improve the communication toward its customers, Bit Systems has decided to contact Jusan Network to provide a restyling for its web site.

Bit Systems is a company that provides solutions for Information and Communication Technology for the automation of notarial and of the Public Administration.

The new site Bit Sistemi aims to create greater visibility to the cost of the services and a greater involvement with the actual or potential customers.

To achieve these objectives, the first step was to think and realize a graphic layout that was capable of expressing in the best way the company’s values. For this reason, we have chosen to use a clean and linear graphics in order to emphasize the character of the highly professional services offered.

To increase the involvement inside the site, instead, we chose to give greater prominence to the news and events section organized by  Bit systems in order to provide specific information on the latest industry news.