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Sit on the chair and enjoy your favourite Opera on Stream Opera: the new dedicated portal realized by Jusan Network.

Opera now is also available online, thanks to the dedicated portal “StreamOpera”. An important project which aims to spread as much as possible this important part of the italian music culture. ??The offer consists in a rich selection of new and constantly updated contents of the highest quality, visible in every moment and on whatever device. ?Finally you will be able to share with your friends the splendour of watching an Opera directly from the comfort of your house.

The creator of StreamOpera is Videoerre: an italian society which, for over 10 years, realizes dvd projects using video material taken from the Rai and Mediaset catalogues, attached at a later stage to first-rate italian magazines such as Corriere della Sera, Gazzetta dello SportRepubblica, l’Espresso and Mondadori’s headlines.

We of Jusan Network have been involved in this project on different levels: ?althought this is one of the few portals in the world which offers this kind of contents, we have made an in-depth analysis of the market and competition. ?We have identified the potential target and considered all the opportunities and the threats that can be find in this sector.??We have dealt with the graphic restyling of the site, working on several objectives, trying to be aligned with the latest graphic tendencies but, at the same time, working on maintaining a classic and appropriated style. ??The layout has also been revised in order to permit a simpler and more intuitive Web surfing.??You can see here below on the left a frame of the old site and, on the right, the new version created by Jusan Network:


In the end we have been occupied with defining the right marketing strategy, so as to guarantee StreamOpera the best placement and the possibility of reaching its own target in the most complete manner. ?There are several co-marketing operations planned which will lead to new and interesting opportunities, expanding the base of the users who follow the channel.

If you are keen on Opera, discover the new portal StreamOpera right now!