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Mr Pratiko is a simple and innovative marketplace. You can find endless products useful for taking care of your home in perfect comfort. Its founder, Samuele Visentin, wanted to create a platform dedicated to home furnishing products, designed to become one of the main points of reference in a sector as diverse as complex, national and international.

When Samuele arrived in our office to propose his idea, we at Jusan Network welcomed it with great passion. Immediately we performed a market analysis to understand who the competitors were and how they worked and above all what the target audience was looking for.


Mr Pratiko: the image of a Brand

The briefing required the design of a brand identity with a strong visual component, which recalled the idea of ​​a new dynamic marketplace, simple and intuitive, that even those who are not familiar with this type of portals can use. The reference target to which the logo was to be addressed was a sector of strong technical expertise often free of effective communication both from the point of view of design and lettering. The logo was designed to conform to the business class but free from visual assimilation to fashions and trends that could make it inadequate for the future. First of all, we gave form and image to the project by creating the name "Mr. Pratiko "and drawing a face. This is how a nice "all-rounder man" was born with a strong communicative expansiveness that stands as guru of home products capable of transmitting empathy and trust towards users. The assignment of color for the logo and the corporate has played a fundamental role, the goal was to look for a color that evokes the values ​​and symbols that the brand aims to convey to its target. After a careful analysis, which also involved the competitors, the choice fell on the orange color symbol of harmony, creativity, trust and is associated with wisdom, balance and ambition all values ​​in line with the brand filosophy. The final Brand Manual, a product that embodies the constructive path of the brand, is aimed at allowing a correct reproduction of the logo defining guidelines and rules for a precise respect of the corporal identity.

Prestashop as a guarantee of integration and versatility

A good shopping experience (User Experience) is the strength of any online business, if you want to establish emotional relationships with your customers and turn visits into conversions. To guarantee it, you need platforms that are able to offer the best tools and the most intuitive navigation configurations, for managing content and graphics. This is the reason why Jusan, in the creation of e-commerce for Mr Pratiko, has chosen Prestashop, a platform able to provide managers and users with everything they need. In particular: Multi-vendor option: the seller can upload the feed produced from his own external e-commerce site Custom Forms: Jusan has developed custom Prestashop modules including a form that captures the seller's site reviews. We have also added a control panel for orders, messaging and the fiscal side; very intuitive and easy to use. Web and Graphic Design and Web Marketing for Jusan travel on the same tracks. In fact, Mr. Pratiko's website presents a vast catalog of products, able to put the same product of several sellers in competition and, if necessary, give more visibility to certain sellers through promotions. SEO optimization and Content Marketing. All product data sheets, categories and contents have been studied and optimized in an SEO perspective.

Digital marketing activities

If you want your site to be reached by as many people as possible, and that especially these visits are converted into real purchases, you must study and implement a series of web marketing campaigns. The Digital Marketing activities we have activated for the promotion of Mr Pratiko's site are: Activities of Social Media Marketing: we created the image for Mr Pratiko's Social pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin and studied an editorial plan for Facebook aimed at creating engagment with the relevant public, through the advice of the little man M Pratiko ,. Management of Facebook campaigns: we have carried out campaigns sponsored on Facebook to acquire new customers and resellers. Managing SEM campaigns on Google: We have created SEM campaigns on Google to sell Mr. Pratiko's reseller products and to acquire Lead Resellers. Landing Page Creation: We have created landing pages to support digital marketing campaigns. Corporate Blog: We have studied an editorial planning for the Blog of the site taking care of the SEO aspect. Newsletter: We have activated email marketing services and have created and sent DEM campaigns.