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Regina, with a twenty-year experience in the fashion world, is a family business whose success rests on the great variety of products sold and the professionalism it has demonstrated in all that it has. The company has been collaborating for years with the most famous designers in the clothing industry, from Chiara Ferragni to Christian Louboutin, from Saint Laurent to Ash.



From the physical to the virtual: the creation of the e-commerce site Regina Shoes is the story of a path aimed at bringing the luxury accessories sector and the fashion world to a higher level, preferable in terms of sales and visibility, that of the virtual. We have operated following a detailed and in-depth working method, based on over ten years of experience in the world of electronic commerce. In this way, we have understood the structure and the complexity of the Brand identity, trying to understand its intentions, motivations and needs. The result is a modern website, ordered and in line with the main trends that dominate the current market. The design of the site is deliberately bright and imbued with a white that allows the various images to stand out and impress with their seductive charm.


We have not had any problem in improving the site's customer experience, which we have developed in all its potential. We chose Prestashop because it is the platform that better than anyone else can guarantee the maintenance and continuous updating of products, as well as allowing the implementation of customizable modules. In fact we have developed the "Jusan POS" software, a tool designed to simplify and speed up online and off-line transactions. The result of the work has led to the creation of an e-commerce platform designed for all those who, lovers of luxury and quality products, aspire to find retailers that are able to satisfy all their requests.