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We collaborated with RubinetteriaShop, the e-commerce platform for bathroom products, taking care of the maintenance of the website as well as the various web marketing activities aimed at promoting it. From now on, the buying experience, designed specifically and mediated in all its facets to make it simple and elegant, will surprise more than a consumer.

The goal that we set ourselves with the development of this new site was to make the shopping experience simpler and at the same time more engaging, studying, analyzing, trying to come to terms with the winning formula that allowed to create greater engagement with the company’s audience, mostly trained by professionals in the sector.

For this we have created a site with a very simple graphical interface, but able to contain all the information that interests.

As far as the part of web marketing is concerned, we have tried to bring RubinetteriaShop products to the degree of visibility that belongs to excellence, making use of impact web marketing strategies.

A non-invasive communication, functional to the quality that online users expect to find. We have been engaged in the implementation of Adwords campaigns oriented to the exploitation of the many opportunities that this tool allows to use: digital advertising in the form of CopyAd, visual banners and commercials, in a skilful and reasoned plot.

We have selected specific keywords of the platform and of the products on sale, so as to target a specific audience.