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Online training at home or in the workplace thanks to the new portal of online courses realized by Jusan Network.

2966 students enrolled4286 courses supplied and 159752 lessons attended; those are the numbers of the new portal dedicated to the theme of safety at work, food safety and privacy. An extraordinary result, if we consider the fact that it has been online not long ago.

More and more companies need to regulate their own position in order to adequate to the European norms and the law fulfillments designed to reduce anomalies such as work related injuries. For this reason, the purpose is to extend the essential training to as many realities as possible, whether big or small.

For them, indeed, is growing the need to be promptly informed about those that are the technical news of their sector and, above all, they require someone who would propose clear informative solutions, made to simplify fulfillments that often are so hard to understand, proposing then practical applicative solutions easy to use. This can happen through, for instance, the presentation of informative videos which show the argument, followed by an in-depth analysis through specific articles, to finish by proposing the practical solution with the furniture of technical material.

So, the project of Michele Bernaudo is born: an out-and-out digital platform, thanks to which it is possible to follow certified lessons at ease, in order to orient in this complex world directly from your home or in the office, whenever you want and on the basis of your personal schedule and needs.

To be more precise, addresses companies which need to manage in complete autonomy the multiple processes about safety and privacy expected by the laws, by furnishing employers with all the operating instruments essential to respect the fulfillments dictated by the regulations in force. You can find all that you need in the thematic sections dedicated to the courses of your interest. In particular, by surfing the site, you will be able to choose among:

  • Online courses
  • Informative videos
  • Web publications

It is also possible to receive support by a specialized consultant through the Information Booth, in order to clear all the doubts about: safety and health in the workplaces, food safety and privacy.

You simply need to send your query through a dedicated form and an expert will answer you. Enroll for free on, so as to be able to consult or discuss the site searching for the courses that suit you most, defining automatically the best moment to follow them! By the end of the process the system will release a certificate that confirms the attainment!

If you are interested in the topics submitted by the new online platform too, visit our site right now.