We collaborated with RubinetteriaShop, the e-commerce platform for bathroom products, taking care of the maintenance of the website as well as the various web marketing activities aimed at promoting it. From now on, the buying experience, designed specifically and mediated in all its facets to make it simple and elegant, will surprise more than a consumer.

The goal that we set ourselves with the development of this new site was to make the shopping experience simpler and at the same time more engaging, studying, analyzing, trying to come to terms with the winning formula that allowed to create greater engagement with the company’s audience, mostly trained by professionals in the sector.

For this we have created a site with a very simple graphical interface, but able to contain all the information that interests.

As far as the part of web marketing is concerned, we have tried to bring RubinetteriaShop products to the degree of visibility that belongs to excellence, making use of impact web marketing strategies.

A non-invasive communication, functional to the quality that online users expect to find. We have been engaged in the implementation of Adwords campaigns oriented to the exploitation of the many opportunities that this tool allows to use: digital advertising in the form of CopyAd, visual banners and commercials, in a skilful and reasoned plot.

We have selected specific keywords of the platform and of the products on sale, so as to target a specific audience.

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Backed by our experience in the world of online sales, we have renewed the ecommerce platform of B3 Bartolomeo, with the aim of promoting its products according to the lines and needs of an increasingly competitive and digitalized market.

We have worked on the renewal of the site, following the guidelines and ambitions of B3 Bartolomeo, leaving us literally involved in the enthusiasm shown by the company towards the possibility of expanding its business through the Web and to all the extraordinary resources that the network can guarantee.

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Since 1950 the Bartolomeo Family has been working to offer customers the possibility of creating welcoming, comfortable, enveloping and exclusive environments within their homes. Lines, colors and technologically innovative materials, work together to give life to furniture in which quality and style create a unique and irreplaceable pleasure: living in one’s own home.

The attentive and prepared staff is the wise and sensitive guide that will make it possible for everyone’s dream to have concretized their style.

A cutting-edge website

We have completed the renewal of the B3 Bartolomeo company website, following the directives and ambitions that the company has presented to us.
The result was the creation of a state-of-the-art site, supported by a strategic and targeted, modern and innovative communication: the perfect ingredients, destined to bring B3 Bartolomeo to a success capable of overcoming any kind of expectation.

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Mr Pratiko is a simple and innovative marketplace. You can find endless products useful for taking care of your home in perfect comfort. Its founder, Samuele Visentin, wanted to create a platform dedicated to home furnishing products, designed to become one of the main points of reference in a sector as diverse as complex, national and international.

When Samuele arrived in our office to propose his idea, we at Jusan Network welcomed it with great passion. Immediately we performed a market analysis to understand who the competitors were and how they worked and above all what the target audience was looking for.

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Bartolomeo Italian Design chooses the Jusan Network for the realization of its e-commerce. Through a study on User Experience and color nuances, Jusan chooses red as the dominant color, recalling the logo and thus making the Brand Identity of the brand recognizable. The e-commerce site was built in such a way that it offered a showcase for the wonderful creations of the company. For this, it was accompanied by incredible photos where the products on sale have been cleverly inserted into evocative scenarios. Luxurious hotel rooms, breathtaking scenery, in fact, highlight the quality of objects, 100% made in Italy: luxury furnishings and accessories for home, office, kitchen and outdoor. The menu has been designed to simplify users’ browsing and make the User Experience better. A categorization capable of telling all the elegance and sophistication of the Brand.

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