The most furnished sector’s portal in the web is online, developed by Jusan Network with an updated version of Prestashop.

E-commerce as a synonym of convenience and purchasing simplicity, but in this case even a privacy matter.

When talking of a leader in the sector of commercialization of hairpieces and capillary prosthesis we cannot forget our customer’s attention.

This is the reason why the staff of the sales portal guided by Patrizio Faraci, maximum expert in that field, has chosen to entrust Jusan Network for the realization of what can be appealed to an excellent virtual purchasing experience.

By using the refining research instrument of Prestashop, in an updated version, you have the opportunity to move through countless products, from the natural material to the synthetic one, passing even through new hybrids and with solutions that consider every kind of questions.
The offer, indeed, includes real hair, European, wigs of practical/renowned material, of various hues and lengths, lace wigs to make hairline invisible, as well as the revolutionary Future fiber, versatile as the natural hair in terms of usage of the helmet and hair-set for an always different styling.

Once arrived to the sheet of the specific product, all the technical details are available, in addition to the variable elements and different video tutorials which aim to provide you with suggestions on how to dress the object purchased or other aspects useful to make the best choice.

The relationship with the expert sellers is safeguarded, also online; they are available for every explanation and information about the magazine’s supplies, shipping times and any other aspects useful to define an efficient purchase, through a system built by the team Jusan, which has looked after carefully such a delicate question as the look of the reference users, pleased with a simple click.

It’s possible to visit the site in order to valuate the offer and use the convenience of making your choice without directly going to the sales point, in anonymity but with the opportunity to receive immediately any kind of consulence, also with Whatsapp: you will avoid the waits and you will be immediately served.

Doing the product research is thus very simple and, if you need personal explanations, a qualified staff is ready to help you at the service of a unique web platform, once you’ll have chosen the modality of payment among those available, you will be able to analyze the carrier’s itinerary, by monitoring in this manner even the last phases of the purchase. Shipping is free in all Italy!

If you want to know more, visit the store of right now and renew your look!

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A new experience of beauty was born. the E-commerce dedicated to beauty is online with a wide range of products from the most prestigious brands.

A new experience of beauty. the e-commerce dedicated to beauty.

Beauty, you know, is one of the qualities that demands to be perceived through all five senses.

On this simple, but non-trivial observation, we have decided to base our design and development work of the online shop of

Jusan Network has created the site on behalf of Profumerie GD srl, a historical perfumerie chain from Genoa, who has decided to adopt a new business model with the online sale of the products that the company sells inside their point-of-sale.

The basic idea for the realization of the site was to provide to the final consumer a new experience of beauty distinguished, for quality of products and service offered from the other similar platforms on the market. The starting point of this process was to understand, together with our customer, which were the key guidelines with which characterize the entire project.

The result is a site that aims to give users an idea of beauty that evokes the world of art, rather than refer to the classical canons of beauty. From here the choice to use the “stretch” as the main graphic sign, just to emphasize the idea of a natural beauty, and not artificial. The logo perfectly sums up this vision of beauty linked to art.

To emphasize the idea of “breauty experience” it was chosen to divide the site into four main categories:

  • Top brands: encloses all brands in the online shop
  • B-experience: encloses a series of recommendations on the products more suitable for every part of the body.
  • B-magazine: a magazine dedicated to the world of beauty

In addition, within the site a section was created dedicated to active promotions on the shop.

The B-magazine

B-magazine is the editorial section of the online shop where the editorial publishes content of value for users.

B-magazine is a specific  magazine of a sector where it is possible to find the latest news in beauty products, the reviews of the best products and a section called “B-experience” dedicated to advice for the body and beauty care.

The layout of the magazine draws the experience offered by the shop: elegant, responsive and rich in content with high resolution images.

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Antos was born on the hills of Monferrato, a few steps from the Po Valley, in the territory of wine and truffles. Antos is one of the best cosmetic lines of the last twenty years, born from the passion for beekeeping and the earth. Its cosmetic products are made exclusively in the laboratory and are all made with extracts of herbs and other products of nature such as rice, honey, grapes, etc. For Antos, Jusan Network realizes the site, online ecommerce and a social media marketing campaign aimed at making the product known and creating a loyal user network. Each website must reflect the passions and dreams of the company and must best express its Brand Identity, its universes of shared values, so that users can recognize and become loyal customers. That’s why for Antos we thought of a website that was able to tell the great passion for beekeeping and the land of its owners, who are born as beekeepers and only later create a laboratory of cosmetic products. In addition, the design and contents are optimized to improve the customer experience of the customer, which is gently accompanied in full-bodied e-commerce, in which all the products of the brand are displayed. E-commerce is intuitive and easy to navigate: in shape and color it recalls the nature and the land, the passions and dreams of the owners of Antos. Every company to make its products known to a wider public, needs to implement an intense activity of social media marketing, aimed at creating flows of visits and conversions. The favorite social for Antos is Instagram, to which we have given a showcase space also on the home page of the site. Through postproduced photos, the company tells its story and the history of its products.

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