Rogelfrut: visual food online e offline

Rogelfrut, a company specialized in cultivating and processing seasonal fruit for over 40 years, entrusts its online and offline communication project to Jusan Network. The study, design and development of the site and the new layout bring the visitor to through the path of taste and quality designed by the company. The user experience is amplified and enhanced: thanks to a simplified search system, navigation is extremely intuitive and impactful.

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The first e-commerce coming from Space is branded? Jusan Network.

Great news are coming directly from Space: the food furnished to the european astronauts for their spatial missions will be available on Earth soon. Finally we will be able to try the intergalactic taste of Space Food thanks to Argotec and its project of e-commerce developed and realized by Jusan Network. Argotec is an aerospace engineering company based in Turin, involved in research and development in several ranges: informatic, system integration and “human space flights and operation” on behalf of ESA, the European Spatial Agency.

One of its most famous products, for example, is the real-time control system of telemetry, used in many spatial centers, including a mission-room of NASA in Houston. The Turinese company is also responsible for the formation of astronauts in the European Astronaut Centre based in Colony.

Moreover, Argotec is the sole responsible in Europe for the realization of the bonus food destined to long-term spatial missions on the International Spatial Station. The Italian cuisine goes beyond Earth and flies on Space! ??Bonus food is generally defined to indicate special occasions food, consumed with the family or friends. Indeed, after having been confined in space for months, it offers a great support in terms of nutrition and spirituality, bringing back to mind episodes and habits of life on Earth.

?Astronaut Luca Parmitano has been able to enjoy the menu of the Argotec chef, during “Volare” spatial mission. In the specific: rice with pesto sauceparmigianacaponatalasagne and tiramisu. As long as these things were unimaginable till few years ago, now the Italian cuisine really overpasses the Earth:

“… an excellent product not only for its taste, but also for its quality and nutritional supply. It has been even more beautiful to get the chance to share it with the colleagues, getting tighter in a jolly moment of cultural exchange. All the products of six months have been consumed in just a day and we’ve talked about it for the rest of the mission.

The statement of Luca Parmitano has been very meaningful, but Argotec is not restricted to Italian products. Even astronaut Alexander Gerst, in the “Blu Dot Mission”, has been able to enjoy a typical German cuisine menu.

A new project, on the other hand, will accompany astronaut Samanta Cristoforetti during the next “Futura Mission”. Samanta, indeed, has chosen a menu which mirrors a healthier lifestyle based on cereals, vegetable and fruits.

David Avino, the managing director of Argotec, says that Space Food was born from the knowledge of astronauts’ activities:

“We have trained Luca Parmitano, Samanta Cristoforetti and all those of the same class. We have furnished them the so-called “basic training”, consisting in whatever could be the first step of an approach to a space experience. A direct relationship with astronauts, in order to train from the first phases to everyday activities, facing realities and what could be referred to as “fear” also what astronauts could be afraid of. ”

But the Argonaut engineers of the Turinese company are not limited simply to the space; they study how to bring the aerospace technology on the Earth too, with the purpose of implementing it to everyday life and satisfying different needs:

“Me too, when I can’t come back home for lunch or dinner on business, I climb down the stairs and I take a pack of this space food, I heat it up and I obtain immediately a ready meal, instead of going out to take a piece of pizza, which probably is not that healthy if you eat it everyday.

After a lavish meal, in order to fully respect the Italian cuisine tradition, we also need a coffee worthy of its name. This is another great engineering and scientific challenge won by Argotec together with Lavazza, producing a machine able to distribute a perfect espresso even in the absence of gravity: this is ISSPRESSO, born by the cohesion between the authentic Italian espresso and the ISS, International Spatial Station, upon which will soon be installed the first capsule machine.

A mission in the mission, because taking a real coffee in space means going against every law based on fluid dynamics. The studies of Argotec, Lavazza and the ISS have allowed us to give birth to a unique product never seen before. David Avino adds that it’s not about a “simple” coffee machine:

“… It will also give the chance to rehydrate food in the spatial station, producing for example different kinds of soups, coming back to the importance of the nutritional value of food consumed in a spatial mission.”

Now Space Food is ready to be launched on the Earth, and we all are waiting for its arrival. The E-commerce project has been realized by us of Jusan Network and from the 23rd to the 27th of October 2014, it will be possible to meet the Argotec team at the Salone Internazionale del Gusto di Torino, in the “Padiglione 2” (2G 052- 2H 051) of Lingotto Fiere.

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Atmosfera Italiana

It’s now online the new website of Atmosfera Italiana: the e-commerce dedicated to the Made in Italy products

An article about the opportunities that e-commerce can offer to the Made in Italy, has been published on the Ecommerce Guru portal. The article talks about the need to exploit one hand the reputation of the brand Made in Italy, and on the other hand the potential offered by electronic commerce. 

E-commerce and Made in Italy, then, if skillfully combined together, can offer interesting growth opportunities for small and medium-sized Italian companies. An example of e-commerce that has been able to take advantage of this combination is the shop of Atmosfera Italiana.

Atmosfera Italiana is specialixed in trading of products exclusively Made in Italy. Its activities range from food and beverage to furniture, from fashion industry to beauty products and body care. A wide and varied offer, in fact, made up of the best produced excellence in our country.

The ecommerce Atmosfera Italiana exploits the characteristics of e-commerce to increase sales of Made in Italy products worldwide. After years of success, with thousands of items sold in the international sphere, Atmosfera Italiana has decided to remake the online shop to provide its customers with a better shopping experience.

The old e-commerce of Atmosfera Italiana

The old ecommerce Atmosfera Italiana was based on an online sales platform developed ad hoc. However, the advantage resulting from the creation of a tailored website, implies a downside of the difficulty of managing the platform. The old Atmosfera Italiana had also some problems. One of these concerned the responsive aspect. Made when tablets and smartphones were not as widespread as today, the site did not respond to mobile logic, bring significant consequences in terms of usability and user experience, especially on smartphones.

The new Ecommerce Atmosfera Italiana

As you can now see from a first glance, the new ecommerce Atmosfera Italiana looks totally remaked over the previous version.

Let us briefly what are the areas on which the Jusan Network has become more concentrated in the remaking of the site:

  • PrestaShop 1.6: the old platform has been abandoned in favor of PrestaShop 1.6. Among the main advantages of this solution we find: better performance, more space between the products, responsive layout, increased flexibility, and many other features. Quality that result in a better overall experience of ecommerce.
  • New structure: to improve usability of the site was created from scratch a new shade of the site. The few and very general categories of the old site have been replaced by a broader, more specific categorization. The new shade allows users to find in a few clicks on a desired product type and makes the site more understandable to the various search engines.
  • Pictures: have assumed a major role not only as a simple decoration to the site. The presence of multiple images, large and of excellent quality, helps users who visit the site to get a clearer idea of the products sold from the first glance. In addition, images also have an emotional function, acting on the emotional-visual and not on the logical-rational may predispose users to impulse buying.
  • Seo Friendly: aspects presented above also provide a boost with regard to the positioning on search engines. To this was added to the URL structure more friendly to search engines.
  • Management: with the new backend of PrestaShop 1.6 is easier to manage the different aspects of the shop. In addition, thanks to the responsive, you can manage your e-commerce in mobility.
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Ya En Tu Casa

Jusan Network developed the new ecommerce site of Ya En Tu Casa dedicated to the Andalusian flavors and tastes.

The case history today is dedicated to an interesting project that Jusan Network just completed. We are talking about the new ecommerce of Ya En Tu casa.

From Italy to Andalusia

Ya En Tu Casa was ideated by Diego and Claudia, an Italian couple who decided to move to the south of Spain, more precisely to Andalusia, to realize their dream. The choiced location was Vejer de la Frontera, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Here, Diego and Claudia opened a small shop selling local Andalusian products. A passion for local and quality products made them search for over a year and a half to find the best products that this region can offer. To raise awareness of the Andalusian delicacies also outside the boarders of the small village, Diego and Claudia decide to open an online

The online shop

Thanks to the online shop Diego and Claudia have been able to make known the Andalucian products also beyond Spain. Due to this success and the positive feedback received, we decided to make the leap in quality  by entrusting the Jusan Network for the restyling of the old ecommerce site.

In a first step the work of Jusan Network was based on four major steps:

  • Listen to the requirements
  • Brief to define and plan the actions to be taken
  • Proposal of the possible solutions and comparison on the solution taken
  • Sharing the strategy

After the listening phase, analysis and proposal of possible solutions, began the development work. The result is a beautiful website from an aesthetical point of view, in line with the image of Ya En Tu Casa and efficient from the technological point of view.

As you can see, the new ecommerce of Ya En Tu Casa is characterized by the prevalence of images that show the products, which are associated with the colors and the smells of this beautiful and sunny Spanish region. The images also improve the user experience of the site, helping users to navigate easily between the different categories of the site.

In order to simplify and improve the navigation between the different categories of products and between the various sections of the site and the organization of the website was also changed. The shop now proves to be more intuitive and consistent in all its different parts.

The Magazine

Parallel to the development of the online shop Ya En Tu Casa, Jusan Network has also produced the online shop magazineEl Magazine. Inside the blog, Diego and Claudia tell about their Spanish adventure, the places of Andalusia, the events and the latest news on Ya En Tu Casa products and the history of the producers. In addition, thanks to the collaboration of some foodbloggers some delicious recipes made with Andalucian products will be published.

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Prodotti italiani: il made in Italy nel cuore

Jusan Network launched Prodotti Italiani, ecommerce exclusively dedicated to products designed and manufactured in Italy.

Theecommerce agency Jusan Network launched the project Prodotti Italiani, an initiative to encourage the promotion of products designed and manufactured in Italy.

The project

The idea of making an ecommerce exclusively dedicated to Made in Italy products is not a novelty in a sector like the online sale, in which there are many investors proposing initiatives of this type. But what distinguishes Prodotti Italiani from other ecommerce with similar characteristics is the fact that they promote small business realities and crafts that have creativity, originality and quality as the distinguishing mark of their offering.

The project, in fact, was originated from the desire to offer to the artisans and small entrepreneurs a space specially designed and manufactured to provide the right visibility to their products. A space that would otherwise have been almost impossible to obtain in an individual and autonomous way. The true strength of the project, therefore, lies precisely in this: to offer a shared platform to small reality strongly oriented to the excellence and quality, making at the same time the long tradition of artisanship, the culture of beauty and the quality that distinguishes the culture of our Country.

In a first step, inside of Italian products will be present only products of artisans in the fashion sector part of the project LungoTavolo45, an association in Turin- promoted by C-work-s – which aims to promote new forms of interaction between artists, artisans and creative.

In the course of the CIBUS 2014, the International food exhibition, which will take place in Parma from 5 to May 8, 2014, Jusan Network will present the new section of Prodotti Italiani dedicated to proprietary agro-local food. In the course of the event will be presented producers and products that enter into new offer of Italian products.

The web site of Prodotti Italiani

The ecommerce site of Prodotti Italiani and has been designed using the platform PrestaShop, the world leader in the provision of solutions for ecommerce, as Jusan Network is certificate partner.

In the design phase, every detail of the site has been designed to give the greater prominence to the products from the inside and their characteristics. The apparent simplicity of layout in fact hiding an in-depth study, done by the experts of Jusan Network, to ensure users a high level of usability.

The navigation between the different product categories, the organization of the products in specific categories, the ease of finding information on the products and the producers, the simplicity to bring to fruition an order, the absence of unnecessary graphic elements, everything has been studied in detail to provide users with the best shopping experience.

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Il caso di Superberry

A case study that saw Jusan Network in the implementation of the Superberry project: from the study of the logo up to the development of a virtual sales point.

We want to introduce a very interesting case study that relates to the implementation of theSuperberry project, a project that has seen Jusan Network engaged in all phases of his design and construction: the study of the logo to the embodiment of a ecommerce, passing through the development of the web site.

A Finlandize girl who lives in Italy and that has decided to spread to the Italians the beneficial qualities of blackberries and other berries ideated Superberry. In fact, a main characteristic of these fruits is the presence of vitamin E as well as anthocyanin and antioxidan.

For the realization of this project, its promoters have decided to contact Jusan Network, which designed and developed the brand & the identity design and development of a web site and its online shop, involving the members of the Jusan team in an intense creative work.

The study of the logo

The realization of a logo is a long and complex process that requires a careful study of different communicative components that are intended to convey.

After a first comparison with the customer to identify the main characteristics of the product, the brand’s values, the message they want to communicate, the reference target; the first step was the creation of a series of drafts graphics of different logos. Versions of the logo were then presented to the customer and, on the basis of its preferences and the needs of its activities, only one was chosen on which has been focused the subsequent attention.

The result of this long and intense work is a logo that conveys aspects previously defined in the analysis stage, combining at the same time emotion and information. The choice of the colors, the lettering, the payoff are all elements that communicate the idea of the wood, the wild and the healthy.

The web site

Even the realization of the web site has prompted an intense creative work in order to find the right formula to deliver the values of the brand and the characteristics of the product. 

The strategy was to emphasize not only the individual products and their beneficial characteristics, but also the context around which the product was created and produced.Starting from this premise, it was decided to dedicate one section of the site to the phase of collection of the product and one to the territory of origin. Both sections have the function of bringing the consumer within the context in which the product is developed. Finally, another section has been dedicated to the processing of the final product, by proposing a series of recipes with berries.

From a graphic point of view, given that this is a product that “speaks for itself”, it was decided to give ample space to images. In fact, within the site are images of the products, recipes and of the territory, above a white background that emphasizes even more the beautiful colors that characterize the product.

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Fine Italy was born from the dreams and the will of three entrepreneurs passionate about traditional Italian cuisine, eager to bring it to the London tables. All their products are made by “home-made” cooks, who follow traditional Italian recipes, with genuine ingredients and the culinary methods of the past.

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Crushi: ispirazione e innovazione nel settore food

Jusan Network ha realizzato il sito web per conto di Crushi, una realtà italiana che promuove un nuovo modo di presentazione della carne cruda in stile sushi.

Noi di Jusan, sempre attenti a individuare i trend e le tendenze della vendita online attraverso ricerche puntuali e precise, abbiamo collaborato con l’azienda Crushi per la realizzazione di un sito e-commerce dedicato al settore food innovativo che potesse svettare per qualità, precisione, efficacia del servizio e velocità d’uso.

Abbiamo adottato strategie di comunicazione concepite per far risaltare la qualità dei prodotti dell’azienda e presentarli in un’ottica diversa dal consueto: come la realizzazione di un marchio nuovo, che spicca per la luminosità dei colori che lo strutturano, e un’interfaccia facile da utilizzare ed efficace nelle vendite.
La parte grafica è stata curata in maniera tale da poter rimanere impressa nella memoria degli utenti online.

Infine, abbiamo collegato il sito web alle principali piattaforme Social Media esistenti, dando la possibilità ai clienti di ordinare, per esempio, anche da Facebook.
Un’operazione perfettamente riuscita, in linea con le attuali tendenze del mercato.

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