SEM Campaigns

Do you want to bring new visitors to your website? Do you want to reach users who have visited your site but have not generated conversion actions? Choose to activate SEM campaigns suitable for your type of business! Jusan Network creates customized search, display, shopping, video, and remarketing campaigns to increase conversions on your website

SEM campaigns strategies

We create SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns customized for your business on Google (search network, display network, shopping, video, remarketing) and Bing to increase the number of visitors and conversions on your website. The main goal of the SEM strategies and campaigns carried out by Jusan is not only to increase the traffic on the website, but above all to increase the number of users targeted for interests, ie those really intent on carrying out the action-target which sets out the marketing campaign (filling out a form, requesting a quote, buying products / services, etc).

Campaigns for the Google search network

We create Adwords PPC campaigns (Pay per Click) and PPI (Pay per Impression), able to reach your target audience by creating dedicated ads to convince users to access your site and take advantage of your products and services. We create and manage targeted promotions for users who are really interested in your products and services with completely customizable budgets. This also allows small and medium-sized companies to be competitive on the online market. Our team of SEM campaigns experts will be able to offer you the right solution for your business. We create keyword advertising campaigns that include:

  • Define the objectives: we frame with the client, his target and the objectives of the campaign – for ex. contact request (lead generation) or quote request, brand statement, site or newsletter sign-ups, sales, etc.
  • Define keywords (keyword): choose the most appropriate keywords. A very important phase, especially if carried out by expert professionals like in Jusan, as it allows the transmission of highly profiled traffic, to maximize ROI and the budget dedicated to the campaign.
  • Define the contents of promotional banners: creating them in a creative way to attract users’ attention.
  • Create landing pages or minisites: landing pages, where the user arrives after clicking on the promotional box. They must be creative and enjoyable to consult, so that the user finds the right answers to their needs and performs the action-objective foreseen by the Advertising campaign. Well-designed and quality landing pages have the result of increasing user-client conversion rates.
  • Constant updating and optimization: to constantly monitor the results, verifying that it is always in line with the objectives set.
  • Analyze the results of the Adwords campaign: through the creation of appropriate reports, to measure the results obtained and make any adjustments.

Google Display and Remarketing campaigns

Remarketing campaigns help you reach users who have already visited your site. A very useful web marketing technique, because it allows you to create loyalty and permanently convince web users to purchase your products or services. We then create campaigns on the display network that improve the diffusion of the customer’s brand, through the creation of special banners that are disseminated on the sites of the display network of Google, which we have chosen strategically according to the needs of your business. This, in fact, offers thousands of website spaces, blogs and quality pages, which collaborate directly with Google to allow the publication of relevant and targeted promotional advertisements, which users view while browsing the web.

Jusan Network strategically uses the display network to make its customers more visible to those potentially interested.

Google Shopping Campaigns

We optimize the visibility of the products / services of our customers with Google Shopping campaigns, the Google Shopping channel that allows you to promote individual products within e-commerce sites by providing detailed information on the product sheet (images, description, price and others details).

Adwords Consulting

We offer consultancy services on Google Adwords and we are able to offer you the tools necessary to improve your business with any investment. The SEM campaigns of Google Adwords allow you to exploit the search engines for your keyword advertising campaigns producing immediate results.

Google Adwords Partner

We have been recognized as the Google Adwords Partner, a title that only the most experienced agencies can get after achieving certain goals. Above all, you need to demonstrate that you have a team of experts in the tools offered by Google, pass a series of exams and achieve certain goals.

Our specialists know how to manage complex plans on different markets, including international ones, making the most out of any invested budget.

Web Design & E-commerce Experience

To be competitive on the market, your site must reflect a series of parameters that can guarantee an excellent user experience. Jusan Network creates websites, ecommerce and mobile app, taking care of every aspect of UX to build a site that can be used on any device, with appealing content, impact images and well-balanced texts.

Branded, Strategy, Identity & Advertising

Everything starts from the Brand, from the identity of your company, from the communication strategies adopted and the way you choose to present them to your audience. Jusan Network creates offline communication campaigns, on the web and on social media through strategies that last over time, aimed at maximizing and optimizing traffic on all your channels.