Realizzazione siti e-commerce & consulenza e-commerce
Opening an e-commerce is not enough to generate entry flows. We must also know how to manage it and promote it in the best way to increase its traffic. Jusan Network, through a set of strategic activities aimed at your sales goals, creates online stores that can create conversions and turn your visitors into customers

Strategic consulting on e-commerce

Through strategic advice for your e-commerce to your sales goals, we help you generate revenue streams and increase traffic on your e-commerce site.
We optimize the positioning of your e-commerce site on the main search engines and we manage digital advertising campaigns, using web analytics tools.

E-commerce Design

We are an e-commerce agency very attentive to details. We take care of the design of your e-commerce in every detail, because the soul of your company needs a body to express itself.
Today, market competition is ruthless. For this reason, it is important to have an ecommerce website with a modern and innovative design that allows you to show the world what makes your products and services

Mobile optimization and User Experience

Today it is very important to have a website that can adapt to any device in which it is displayed. The User Experience (the browsing experience) should not be penalized by the device, because users who encounter problems (for example, texts with a font too small) in most cases leave the page and do not come back.
That’s why we create e-commerce sites that pay close attention to every aspect of UX, so as to improve site performance and increase conversions.

Ecommerce implementation on CMS platforms

For the creation of ecommerce, we at Jusan have chosen Prestashop, because it is the ideal platform for growth. It is tailor-made for companies of any size. In fact, thanks to its modularity and the infinite possibilities of configuration and integration with other external platforms, it is perfect for ambitious and dynamic business. Just like yours.

Consulting and web marketing strategies for e-commerce

The Jusan Network e-commerce agency knows how to grow visits to your website and optimize conversion paths, to increase sales of your products and services. Our team is highly specialized and is able to offer you the best advice suited to your needs.

SEO optimization strategies to increase e-commerce conversions

The online store is not everything. Even if the products and services you sell are the best, unfortunately it is not enough. The competition on the web is ruthless! To appear at the top of the search engines and thus improve the positioning of your ecommerce, you must work through strategies that must adapt to your needs. Only then can you turn your website visitors into potential customers and increase your e-commerce conversions.

Web Design & E-commerce Experience

To be competitive on the market, your site must reflect a series of parameters that can guarantee an excellent user experience. Jusan Network creates websites, ecommerce and mobile app, taking care of every aspect of UX to build a site that can be used on any device, with appealing content, impact images and well-balanced texts.

Branded, Strategy, Identity & Advertising

Everything starts from the Brand, from the identity of your company, from the communication strategies adopted and the way you choose to present them to your audience. Jusan Network creates offline communication campaigns, on the web and on social media through strategies that last over time, aimed at maximizing and optimizing traffic on all your channels.