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Since 1950 the Bartolomeo Family has been working to offer customers the possibility of creating welcoming, comfortable, enveloping and exclusive environments within their homes. Lines, colors and technologically innovative materials, work together to give life to furniture in which quality and style create a unique and irreplaceable pleasure: living in one’s own home.

The attentive and prepared staff is the wise and sensitive guide that will make it possible for everyone’s dream to have concretized their style.

A cutting-edge website

We have completed the renewal of the B3 Bartolomeo company website, following the directives and ambitions that the company has presented to us.
The result was the creation of a state-of-the-art site, supported by a strategic and targeted, modern and innovative communication: the perfect ingredients, destined to bring B3 Bartolomeo to a success capable of overcoming any kind of expectation.


Website, Ecommerce and Social Media Marketing

We have designed and implemented various activities and strategies of web marketing, mainly related to SEO indexing essential to allow the site to get a visibility on search engines necessary for the extraordinary quality of its products. Our idea was to successfully promote design and Made in Italy by the Bartolomeo family also on foreign markets, increasingly interested in Italian products. To make this possible, we have created the B3eshop ecommerce platform for the site, to promote products with the right strategy and technology. All activities were then promoted through a Social Media Marketing campaign targeted on the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. We have offered advice and managed the writing of contents and strategies, bringing B3 Bartolomeo to receive a new lifeblood and new incentives to improve further.