Fine Italy was born from the dreams and the will of three entrepreneurs passionate about traditional Italian cuisine, eager to bring it to the London tables. All their products are made by “home-made” cooks, who follow traditional Italian recipes, with genuine ingredients and the culinary methods of the past.


Visual Storytelling: telling a company through photos

Since the first day of work, we have understood that Fine Italy was not just a platform dedicated to online sales of dishes of the Italian tradition, but a company that takes care of bringing to global awareness the wealth that makes our country unique. We need to understand the depth and the eclecticism of each company, to be able to tell it in the most correct and useful way. We made a photo shoot for ecommerce and all the material distributed online, to transmit, through the images, the high quality and rarity of the products of Fine Italy

An Italian blog

For this, we have activated the blog of the site and realized, on a monthly basis, a series of catchy articles, with a content marketing strategy focused on increasing the interaction with users, recalling their attention with initiatives and activities of a cultural nature , linked to the history or typical Italian traditions.

Ecommerce and Social and Digital communication

Finally, we created the e-commerce platform, activating it and spreading it through digital marketing campaigns and social media marketing to increase the flow of customers and produce real conversions, keeping in mind the cultural reality and the company mission.