The United Nations General Assembly created the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) in 2002, with the aim of supporting the training of personnel in their missions, through teaching programs in areas such as human rights, peace and the security.

In order to intervene in this delicate restructuring phase of the Branding Guidelines, UNSSC chooses Jusan because it has been able to better describe the Agezia Brand Identity in the communication and implementation of its products.




An annual institutional but innovative report

One of the most difficult challenges was to find an effective and important way to communicate the Annual Report of the annual activities of the UNSSC: an official and long-winded document that has been transformed into a fully interactive digital format, full of animations and with a Institutional but innovative graphics, in perfect line with the Branding Guidelines of the Humanitarian Organization.

An app for the United Nations

In addition, we have also developed the graphical interface of the first Mobile App designed for UN personnel, with a composed and intuitive design, easy to use, to build an excellent user experience and simplify the processes and actions of employees who they use daily.

Course Catalog 2018

Later, we created the UNSSC Course Catalog 2018, with a creative concept outside the traditional framework, conceived as a vertical calendar, an innovative way of thinking combined with a colored academic rigor, in which ethnic groups and places are mixed in a document to support for collaboration between the various UN inter-agencies.

A book written by international judges

Finally, we produced the book "Handbook on the Internal Justice System at the United Nations", written by four major international judges, concluding the communication path that the UNSSC, by now, makes us repeat, always in a different and innovative way, each year.