The online shop of Jelmini was born in Borgaro and was conceived as a natural extension of a small shop of products signed with a famous fashion brand. Since 1961, the shop owners dress their customers with the clothing of the famous Italian fashion house, becoming a reference point for those who love to dress well in the whole area of Turin.

Made in Italy is the third most famous brand in the world, especially in the fashion and clothing sectors.

The experience that we at Jusan Network have done with Jelmini has shown that even small companies can compete with the most important players on the market in online sales of products.

At Jusan we have created the ecommerce site for the Jelmini portal, starting from these considerations.

The result is site with a layout that makes the online shop of the Brand very similar to a high fashion boutique. In fact, within the ecommerce, the collections of the famous brand are within their context of use.

A model wears all the garments for sale, providing users with more information about the fit of a garment.

To give more emphasis to the products on sale, it was decided not to make the layout of the site too heavy from the graphic point of view with the inclusion of elements that could distract the user. For this purpose we chose to use white as the dominant color of the site emphasizing through the use of colors the most important information such as the name and price of the products on sale.

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Uno sguardo su Lungotavolo45

Online the new site of LungoTavolo45, a place where artisans, artists and creative will meet, discuss design, fashion, new trends, graphics, literature, theater.

The objective of the site, is to bring internet users within the social work, and collaborative space, the laboratory of new ideas and creativity, symbolically represented by a long table positioned at the center of a former industrial warehouse in Turin, that returned to new life thanks to the commitment and the willingness of the foundresses of LungoTavolo45 project.

The Project LungoTavolo45

“The project LungoTavolo45 was ideated in Turin in 2012, as an innovative entrepreneurial idea based on the vision that we can do business by pursuing ethical principles and approaching profit and non-profit”.  With these few words, the promoters of the project: Claudia, Paola and Elena, members of the C-WORK-S, consulting firm based in textile and clothing sector, founded in 1997. LungoTavolo45 is therefore a place in which there are, in new and interesting combinations, values and ideas initially conflicting.

The underlying values of this project are:

  • SHARING: dreams, projects, but also spaces, materials, equipment
  • SUPPORT: aggregate through the ideal of the collaboration and the exchange of professional skills and expertise
  • WITH RESPECT TO (for themselves, for others and for the Planet Earth)
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, as the ability to recognize, respect and give voice to feelings and emotions to relate authentically and nonviolent.

The LungoTavolo45 website

A so innovative and ambitious project could not remain relegated within a narrow circle of artisans, artists and creative. It required a tool that made it open to the outside world, the addition of new ideas and new content.

To get to know what the project LungoTavolo45 is, and especially to see what you create within it, the promoters of the initiative were directed by Jusan Network for the realization of a site that reflected the values and intentions at the base of this project.

Starting from these requirements the site LungoTavolo45 was developed. A site that puts in the foreground not so much the “What have you done” but rather “the thing you are creating“.

The home page: a look back at the table

Moreover, what is the best tool to show others what happens in a place, if not one streaming video? The home page of the site LungoTavolo45 ,in fact, is made up of a window where it is possible to observe in real time what happens on this long table: designers engaged in the creation of a chapter, ballerinas dancing harmoniously, a parade, a lunch with colleagues. They are so many things that can happen on that table and, thanks to the web site: anyone can live these emotions directly in first person.

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Regina, with a twenty-year experience in the fashion world, is a family business whose success rests on the great variety of products sold and the professionalism it has demonstrated in all that it has. The company has been collaborating for years with the most famous designers in the clothing industry, from Chiara Ferragni to Christian Louboutin, from Saint Laurent to Ash.

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The FCA Group designs, develops, manufactures and markets the world of cars, commercial vehicles, components and production systems, operating in the automotive market with the brands Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep, Lancia, Ferrari and Maserati.

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Fox Racing

Since 1975, Fox Racing has been working on the engineering and design of motocross equipment for athletes and champions from all over the world, with the aim of making each race a great race. 40 years of experience and an ambitious research and development program have allowed the company to design MTB equipment with the highest possible level, whatever the conditions or the environment.

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361 ° was founded in China in 2003. Within a few years it has grown rapidly, becoming an important reference point in the sale of sporting goods and one of the leading international multisport brands: basketball, football, swimming, outdoor sports. In addition, 361 ° was an official partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and, on that occasion, it dressed more than 100 thousand volunteers and judges. Every day the Brand keeps on with the mission of supporting athletes from all over the world, so that they can achieve results that go beyond their expectations.

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