Logo Design

Logo Design - Agenzia di comunicazione ed ecommerce - Jusan Network
The logo is a set of elements that are able to best express the image of your company in an evocative or representational way. Jusan Network transfers the values ​​of your Brand and establishes an emotional relationship with customers, who choose your products and services, generating revenue streams and creating connections with your target audience

Brand Design

The agency Jusan Network, through the analysis of the brand and thanks to the collaboration of a highly creative team, is able to build a perfect company logo.

Logo design is a science that is based on exact characteristics. In fact, a logo that can represent the Brand should be:


It must serve the purpose set by the objectives of the company.


It must communicate the messages and the company’s Brand Identity, and create a channel of dialogue with its target audience.


Less is more. Few details, few lines. In fact, if a logo overflows with particular it is difficult to read and understand and will not be able to attract any public.


It must not be the same or similar to any other logo. We must be able to recognize it clearly.


It must be able to be used and replicated anywhere: advertising billboard, business cards, brochures, web pages, print advertisements, etc.

Corporate identity and brand analysis

Before creating the logo, a careful analysis of the Brand must be carried out.

The Brand is to be considered as the set of values that are transferred to people, through the company brand. That’s why customers choose your products and services, not those of someone else.

The corporate image, then, is the strength of any marketing strategy because it conveys the values of your company and establishes a continuous dialogue with those who believe in it.

Web Design & E-commerce Experience

To be competitive on the market, your site must reflect a series of parameters that can guarantee an excellent user experience. Jusan Network creates websites, ecommerce and mobile app, taking care of every aspect of UX to build a site that can be used on any device, with appealing content, impact images and well-balanced texts.

Branded, Strategy, Identity & Advertising

Everything starts from the Brand, from the identity of your company, from the communication strategies adopted and the way you choose to present them to your audience. Jusan Network creates offline communication campaigns, on the web and on social media through strategies that last over time, aimed at maximizing and optimizing traffic on all your channels.